"At Paws 4 Hydrotherapy Nottingham we have a purpose built heated hydrotherapy pool and spa suited to all breeds of dogs"

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When your dog arrives they will undergo an assessment before entering the pool. He or she will then be hoisted or lifted in to the pool. Your dog will then swim in the heated water and will be gradually introduced to the resistance jets. They will have two swims with a rest in between.
Please be aware all dogs differ and the standard program may vary.


Once your dog has been in the pool they will enter the heated Jacuzzi where they will receive a massage. The Jacuzzi can give some pain relief to some dogs especially those with arthritis and injuries. It has been known for dogs to fall asleep whilst in the Jacuzzi they become so relaxed.

Be Pampered

Once your dog has swam and been into the Jacuzzi they are then showered down, they can be shampooed upon request, once showered they will then be blow dried with one of our heated electric blow dryers. For the more nervous of dogs we have plenty of towels!!!

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Bath time for Jem

Here at Paws 4 Hydrotherapy we offer a basic wash and blow dry if your dog just needs...

Flori’s Massage

Flori having a well deserved massage…

This is the life!

Roly looking very happy!