“Sasha is a 15 year old Labrador who has arthritis. We have been bringing her to Paws 4 Hydrotherapy for 5 months and have been delighted with the improvement, she was struggling to push herself up from the floor, but now has no problem. We now bring our 9 year old Labrador who has arthritis, and have noticed a big improvement in her strength and fitness. Both dogs enjoy their weekly swim.”

“Jake had a road traffic accident when he was three years old. He injured his spine and could barely walk. Swimming has given Jake many happy years of full mobility and allowed us to stop his ant inflammatory medication until just a year ago. He is now 12 with arthritic knees and the hydrotherapy keeps him fit and able to walk. he managed a 15 mile walk just a couple of weeks ago.”

“Nelson my wonderful golden retriever was not walking and lame following his cruciate ligament repair, one swim reminded him that he could use his legs again. Now he runs around as happy anything. Anne is so lovely with him and i can’t miss seeing her and really notice the difference with Nelson if he does not swim.”

“Bentley my chocolate Labrador saw an osteopath with a limp and she diagnosed a twisted back and a crooked pelvis and then building muscle through swimming. He hated water and now I can’t keep him out he loves it and no more limping.”

“Meg had haemolytic anaemia and was put on high doses of steroids which made her gain weight and the vet recommended hydrotherapy to her to help loose the weight. She also has severe arthritis and hydrotherapy helps. It keeps her joints supple and stops her getting stiff. As well as this she snapped her cruciate ligament and hydrotherapy aided her recovery oft this also. I am convinced that swimming keeps Meg going giving her a far greater quality of life than she would have without it. She is now 12 years old and still going strong.”

“I have been taking my dog Joshua for hydrotherapy sessions for the last 3 weeks now. He is recovering from a fractured Fibula and I have to say that since he his first appointment he has come on in leaps and bounds. The service you provide is second to none and I would recommend you highly to all who are considering taking their dogs for hydrotherapy. Thank you very much for your professional service and help that you give.”

“Going to paws and swimming our dogs (racing whippets ) every week is enjoyable not only for the dogs but also for us,3 of us take upto 13 dogs weekly, Anne is a lovely person and really helpful, we swim them to help if they are getting over any injurys or like now when the weather is too hot and the ground is too hard to run them, if anyone is looking for a place to swim or have your dogs care for then you have found it at paws.”

“Since attending hydrotherapy my two ten year old boxers Jessie and Reuben have improved dramatically. Reuben has spondylosis and Jessie has arthritis and both are now more mobile, in less pain and enjoying their walks again!”