What We Do

Conditions which benefit from hydrotherapy are:

• Arthritis

• Hip & Elbow Dysplasia

• Hip replacements –pre and post operative

•Following Cruciate Rupture/Repair

•Spinal Injuries




• Muscle


•General Fitness and Fun!

Hydrotherapy has been used as an effective treatment for humans, horses and dogs for hundreds of years. It has been used to help in the rehabilitation of many different conditions including arthritis, hip dysplasia, spinal problems and obesity. The water allows dogs the chance to exercise their limbs fully, without the hard, concussive action associated with walking on the land, meaning those suffering from musculoskeletal problems find it a much less painful exercise.

The cardiovascular system also benefits from hydrotherapy, as the increased pressure of working in the water makes the heart and lungs work harder, leading to improved circulation and general fitness.

Hydrotherapy is also an effective way for dogs to lose weight: the power of the jets in the pool means that one minute swimming uses the same energy as a one mile walk! This also demonstrates how dogs don’t have to come for medical reasons: they can come along for a swim to build fitness, burn excess energy, or just for fun!

At Paws, all staff are fully trained, experienced and will work alongside your veterinary surgeon to ensure the best possible treatment is given to your pet. No dog will be swum without a referral form signed by your veterinary surgeon. To download one, please go to the how to book section.